Company Outline

Name SEPIOTEC Co., Ltd
Establish Spt., 9th, 1994
Capital 30 Million Yen
Chief Executive Officer Mr.HIROHIKO  SUGITA
Chief Operating Officer Dr. KENJI  SHIMOKAWA
Executive Director Mr.TERUHISA  HOHSAKA
Location:HQ 5-5-25Tsukuda, Nishiyodogawa-ku OSAKA 555-0001
TEL:+81-6-6471-4123 FAX:+81-6-6471-4445

Business Field

SEPIOTEC Business 1. Production, sales and refresh treatment of the deodorant filter “SEPIO” developed by Nippon Steel Corporation
  2. Sales and setting of deodorization apparatus and system with SEPIO filter
  3. Consulting and engineering on deodorization

Company History

1994. 9 Establishment of the company 
1995. 4 Started SEPIO production in Tokai factory
1998.10 Received technology award for SEPIO from the Japan Society of Adsorption
2010. 5 Himeji sales office was opened
2018. 6 Kanto sales office was opened
2023. 3 The function of Tokai factory was transfered to HQ



Patents related to the technology based on organometallic compounds such as Fe-ascorbate

・Adsorption of odor caused by ammonia and amines by Fe-ascorbate
・Adsorption of odor caused by sulfides by Fe(III)oxide-hydroxide


Patents related to the technology based on aluminum hydrazinium sulfate

・Adsorption of odor caused by aldehydes with reaction of aldehyde group and amine group


Patents related to honeycomb structure made of Sepiolite


Number of applied patents (Japan 108, Overseas 5)

Patent in Japan Adsorbent & Material Manufacturing Technology Applied Technology Total
Iron Group 29 33 8 70
Aluminum Sulfate Group 8 15 12 35
Compound Group 0 3 0 3